Norwood Gardens Photo Submission

A formal photo submission form is being prepared. In the mean time please attach your photos to the email generated here.

By using the above email link you will be deemed to have accepted the following conditions:

1: You are the owner of the copyright for the attached photograph(s) and give permission for us to publish

it/them in the Photo Gallery section of our website.

2. You give permission for the photograph(s) to be modified by resizing, cropping or in any other way

necessary to make them suitable for publication. (Since we are in rural Wales our broadband

connection is rather slow so please do not submit photos larger than 5MB)

3. You will give your name in the text of the email. This will normally be published with the photo(s) as an

acknowledgement. Please indicate if you do not wish your name to be published. You may give a nickname

for publication as an alternative.

4.The Norwood Gardens Partnership will not make any other use of the image(s) without obtaining further permission

from you. Publication of a photo is entirely at the discretion of the Webmaster.

Thank you for sending us your photographs. We will normally acknowledge receipt within 48 hours.